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Aviation - Flight Management - Program Reunion - COMING Nov. 9 & 10, 2018

Plans are well underway for the next Aviation Flight Management reunion happening on November 9th and 10th, 2018 and response has been higher than any of our past reunions. So plan to attend! The class of 2018 will be the 42nd graduating class of the program. That represents our 972 grads. This will be our eighth 5-year reunion.

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The host hotel is once again the Victoria Inn in Thunder Bay. There will be a get together on Friday evening Nov. 9th, with the main dinner on Saturday evening the 10th, with both happening right at the Victoria Inn. A bank of rooms have been reserved at the hotel.

Space will also be provided on the college airport apron for anyone who flies in with their own aircraft.

We are looking to get this word out to all of our alumni.

Reunion Donors

Northstar Air

  • Rick Stevens - Aerocourses
  • Airdale Corp.
  • Frank & Lynn Bayne
  • Bearskin Airlines
  • Larry Milberry - Canav Books
  • Sam Cole
  • Confederation College Bookstore 
  • Mark Dinan
  • Follett Canada
  • Great Slave Helicopters
  • Heli Muskoka
  • Levaero Aviation
  • John Hill​
  • Richard Hulina
  • Dan Keogh
  • Rob Marsh
  • Ray Fread
  • Perimeter Airlines
  • Dax Wilkinson - Red Canoe
  • Kent Smerdon
  • Mickey Bodog - Threshhold Aviation
  • Wasaya Airlines
  • Paul Ysselmuiden
  • More to be announced

NEW Update - Alumni Plane Challenge!

One NEW detail to share is the announcement of a special fundraiser that is open for our alumni only and will go directly towards our program.

  1. The ultimate goal of the Reunion Committee is to raise sufficient funds to be able to purchase a NEW PLANE for the program!
    The target for this goal would be $300,000 Cdn.
  2. The second choice goal would be to provide instrument suite upgrades - cost:~ $25,000 per plane.
  3. The third choice goal would be to top up Aviation Flight bursaries and to create a new Alumni bursary.

Make Your Flight Management Alumni DONATION Now …

Donation Instructions: under the Designation dropdown, select Other and then type Flight to designate towards this project.

All donations will go through the Confederation College’s Advancement Department and will be issued a tax receipt for all donations over $20! 
Individual and class challenges are encouraged.

Progress towards our goal(s) will be announced at the Reunion.
Let’s see what we can achieve together!

It would be great to have you join us for another fantastic program reunion!

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John Hill
Chair of the Aviation Flight Management 2018 Reunion Planning Committee

Planning Committee Members:

Sherri Appleton, John Condon, Emily Crombez , Mark Dinan, Glenn Whiteside, John Hill & Murray Metcalf