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Re-Admission Forms

There are a few unique situations in which you will need to apply for admission to Confederation College using a special internal application form:

  • Application for Campus Transfer: to request a transfer to another Confederation College campus location (only available if you are currently registered in a postsecondary program at Confederation and are applying to return to the same program but at a different campus). Visit the Application for Campus Transfer page for more information.
  • Application for Institution Transfer: to transfer from a postsecondary program at another ministry approved College to the same program at Confederation College. Visit the Application for Institution Transfer page for more information.
  • Application for Re-Admission: to apply for re-entry into the same postsecondary program you were previously registered in (after taking a leave) at Confederation College (for semester 2 or beyond). Visit the Application for Re-Admission page for more information.