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Student Wellness Centre - FAQ's

Commonly Asked Questions received via the Student Wellness Centre webform… will be answered below within several business days.

1.       Why is Confederation College building a new centre instead of renovating the existing one?

Third party evaluations of the structure have indicated that the existing facility, including the ‘bubble’ is nearing the end of its lifespan.    


2.       What will the new facility have in it (i.e. what type of equipment and spaces)?

Conceptually, the new facility will be a full service Wellness Centre that will incorporate fitness centre elements as well as the potential to provide space for college services that support students.  There is a prioritized “wish list” that is being included in a design/build Request for Proposal (RFP). The submissions from the RFP will help us to determine the specific plans based on what is affordable. 


3.       Why won’t the new centre have indoor tennis courts? Squash courts? Steam rooms?

Feedback from current student surveys shows the need for modernized fitness facilities that offer a wider array of features including: alternative health and wellness classes, a running track, a strength-training area with both free weights and modern functional equipment, as well as a cardio space with treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bikes.

The new Student Wellness centre is being designed primarily to support these student needs as well as the college community.  As a result, current space allocations for things such as tennis courts, squash courts, steam rooms, etc. may or may not be accommodated in the new facility.  The design/build Request for Proposal will help us to solidify plans based on what is affordable.


4.       Can we fundraise for specific equipment or facility requests?

The submissions from the RFP will help us to determine the specific plans based on what is affordable.  Before that time, it is too early to know what will and will not be included in the new centre.  Once we are able to confirm plans, we are happy to connect interested parties/groups with our Advancement department to explore what might be possible.


5.       I’m a long-standing member of the Fitness Centre.  Why aren’t my needs important?

We greatly value the continued support of our Fitness Centre members.  In the spirit of collaboration, we have engaged in consultations with all stakeholders of the Fitness Centre, including our members.  This includes an invitation to participate in our “World Café” sessions held in September 2013 as well as the Open Forum held on Monday, February 23, 2015. 

We will continue to engage our members as we move forward and welcome feedback from all of our stakeholders throughout the transition to the new Student Wellness Centre.  Questions and comments can be submitted through our online webform…


6.       Will I be able to access the new Student Wellness Centre?

Yes!  Everyone is welcome to access the new Student Wellness Centre.  It will be made available to Confederation students, the college community, members of the public and community groups/organizations.


7.       How will the building of the new centre affect membership rates?

Throughout the design/build process, all aspects of the existing facility will be examined, including hours of operation and membership structure, to determine the best plan of action for the new facility.  Members will be updated as more information is available.


8.       How much will the building of the new centre cost?  How is it being paid for?

The RFP will be requesting facility designs within the $10-12 million range.  The specific cost will be determined in review of the RFP submissions.  The new Student Wellness Centre will be funded from a variety of sources including Confederation College as well as a significant contribution from the Student Union (SUCCI).


9.       When will the new Student Wellness Centre open?

We plan to have the new facility built by 2017, at which time it currently plans to cease operations of the existing Fitness Centre facility. 


10.   Will there be any period of time where neither facility will be operating?

The College plans for a transition to the new facility with as little disruption as possible to the college community and membership.


11.   What will be done with the existing Fitness Centre facility?

Options for what to do with the existing facility are still being explored.


12. What is the plan for parking?

The new Student Wellness Centre will include its own parking area adjacent to the new location once built.  The current parking area will be renovated and split between designated Student Wellness Centre parking and general College parking.  These changes will create approximately 22 new parking spaces.  During these renovations, safety considerations will be paramount.  We apologize for any inconvenience the work may cause members and/or our College community and appreciate your understanding and patience.