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Academic Plan

Confederation College is proud to celebrate its more than 50 years of
providing access and success to all learners. We work in partnership with our
communities, industries and other educational institutions to effectively
meet learners where they are when they come to us and take them where
they want to be. We measure success by how our learners self-define
We continuously strive to understand learning needs and provide the
supports that will help all of our learners succeed in the goals they have set
out to accomplish.

This Academic Plan, named “Memengwaa” signifying transformation and growth, was developed in cooperation with our faculty, staff,
students and partners. The many voices that constructed this plan worked
tirelessly to authentically represent the priorities that they will focus on
over the next three years to contribute to reaching the strategic priorities of
our Strategic Plan, Wiicitaakewin (Wii-ci-taa-ke-win). Wiicitaakewin is an
Anishinaabe word that describes the process of helping or assisting others.

Our College community looks forward to working together to make the
priorities established in this Academic Plan, realities for every learner.

Patti Pella
Vice President, Academic

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